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Residential Cleaning Services

Why isn't your HOME run like a business?

At Florida Housekeeping, Inc, your home is our business.
Businesses today are taking advantage of various types of
outsourcing opportunities available in today's already hectic
marketplace. Your home is no different.

Why not outsource all your HOME CLEANING NEEDS?

Florida Housekeeping, Inc, will treat your home like our home.
Our professional staff are homemakers which understand that
your home requires that Personal Touch.

Now you can eliminate the worry of finding that valuable time to
clean your home. You can come home to find everything clean
and fresh.

We can provide you a
regular cleaning routine can include. Our regular program is
based on what most people have told us what they are looking
for. If you have special concerns and would like to delete or add
tasks, we can design a package precisely tailored to your
needs. Our goal is customer satisfaction.
Florida Housekeeping, Inc.
Our Services
We Proudly Accept
Commercial Cleaning Services

Here at Florida Housekeeping, Inc, we believe that the
maintenance service of an office or building is a personal
business. Each office, business and building is a unique
representation of the individuals working in it. These are the
people who we serve. We believe the quality of their workday is
enhanced by the work we do.

Define your needs?

What areas need to be maintained? In what manner? With what
equipment? On what cleaning schedule? What areas will need
particular attention? Florida Housekeeping, Inc, will meet with
you to determine what your specific needs are and to provide
you with customized service recommendations. Providing what
you need, when you need it - and detailing just how you want it

Our customers' particular areas of interest and concern are
important to us. In addition to proper cleaning, we will ensure
the security of your building and its contents. Your security
procedures will be carefully adhered to at all times.

Our experience has taught us that each business has specific
maintenance requirements. Offices, retail business,
professional and technical buildings, banks and savings &
loans all have different needs. Different concerns. We serve all
equally well, but our services to each meet their specific