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President's Message
Together we can make a difference.

The topics of discussion included the formation of a Neighborhood Association, Traffic/Speeding,
Transportation, and Crime Issues.  In the end, it turned out to be better than we had all hoped for.  I was voted
in as President, Tom Mixson, Vice President, Kaye Mixson, Secretary, and Philip Friedman was voted our

Our 3rd meeting was held on August 9th and once again we had a fantastic turnout.  We voted in our new
Board of Directors.  Our 5 directors are: Graeme Fraser (2 yr. term), Shelly Foster (2 yr. term), Chris Keller (2
yr. term ), Jack Hossman (1 yr. term), and Jean Strohmeyer (1 yr. term). We also have 2 new volunteers who
are acting as our Crime Watch Coordinators.  They are Holly Baker(chair) and assistant coordinator, Cheryl

Thank you and welcome to the Board.

Our newsletter will continue to serve as one of the main sources of information in conjunction with our
website.  We have added the By-Laws online, and
contact directory for city officials which will help serve our
many members.

The goal of our Association is to enhance the Interbay area and provide a voice for Our Community.

For more information on getting involved in Our Community, please feel free to give me a call at 813-263-6558
or by email at
JorgeUgarte@TampaFLsales.com .  I look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.

Thank you,

Jorge J. Ugarte