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About us

Providing Outstanding Service in the Bay Area,
Since 1979

Florida Housekeeping, Inc., is a full service residential and
commercial firm that takes advantage of the never ending
opportunities in a growing marketplace.

Whether you are looking for Residential Cleaning or Commercial
Cleaning, Florida Housekeeping is the company you have been
waiting for.  We are here to develop cost effective methods for
running your home or business. Florida Housekeeping will provide
you the quality service you deserve.

Outsourcing your cleaning needs

Choosing to “outsource” your Residential and your Commercial,
frees you up to do what you do best... concentrate on your family or

“Outsourcing” allows your family or business the flexibility that you
have been looking for. It will increase your productivity, as well as,
taking advantage of seasoned professionals.

One Stop Shop

Florida Housekeeping, Inc., is your one stop shop for all your
Residential and Commercial Needs. Choosing from a wide array of
services that best supplements your lifestyle can give you that
added edge that is necessary in today’s already hectic world.

Florida Housekeeping, Inc., is Licensed, Bonded & Insured for your
protection.  So, Don't Delay.  Call Today!!!

Florida Housekeeping, Inc.

About Us

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